Contaminated protein powders: Health Ranger discloses MORE details
Posted on 6/19/2018 / Comments

Suppliers lie all the time. They fabricate organic certification. They fake test results. They Photoshop old certificates with new lot numbers. Any organic certification company can affirm exactly what I'm telling you here, and even the FDA knows all this is true.

In my video update, below, I explain why I'm speaking out about these problems, even as much as I'm a strong advocate of natural products and nutrition. Over the years, I've spearheaded warnings about contaminated products, including rice protein from China, and the entire protein industry cleaned up its sourcing as a result of Natural News and our lab work.

Keep in mind that without Natural News and the Health Ranger (that's me), tens of millions of Americans would still be eating massive amounts of lead and other heavy metals in rice protein products. That's why sounding the alarm on these issues is a great public service and an important part of the natural products industry policing itself through good science, transparency and ethics.

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