What the Drug Companies Really Want

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(NaturalNews) Ever wonder how the drug companies REALLY want to sell pharmaceuticals? Here's the answer: Through vending machines! Bypass the doctors, advertise drugs directly to consumers, and get them to insert their credit cards into drug-dispensing machines that pretend to "diagnose" diseases by asking people to take an instant survey.

Do you sometimes feel like life is too much to handle? Do you ever start projects but fail to finish them? Have you ever felt sad about something? If so, you may be suffering from a brain chemistry disorder that requires pharmaceutical treatment! Here, just insert your credit card, push the "BrainZac" button, and this machine will issue you a diagnosis AND deliver your "treatment."

The small print, of course, says you'll be billed $12 per pill, and dispensed 100 pills for a total of $1200 dollars, 90% of which will be billed to the federal government and paid by taxpayers.

What a scam, huh? This is where the industry is headed. CVS Pharmacies already have in-house clinics that can diagnose diseases and prescribe drugs for them all in the same minute!

If retail pharmacies are going to play doctor, diagnosing fictitious "diseases" and then prescribing dangerous pills to "treat" those diseases, then why do we need doctors in the loop at all? Big Pharma has figured out it would be a lot more profitable to just skip the doctors and sell drugs directly to consumers.

This is why they are lobbying the FDA so strongly to move hundreds of popular prescription-only drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) status. That way, the doctors are taken completely out of the loop, and consumers can buy all these high-profit pharmaceuticals themselves, like mind slaves responding to direct-to-consumer drug advertising.

The FDA recently admitted it hopes to convert 50% of blockbuster prescription drugs to OTC status. That list even includes dangerous, deadly drugs like statins and antidepressants.

Keep in mind this is all happening in a political environment where the FDA claims herbs, supplements and superfoods are so dangerous that zero health claims should be allowed by the companies selling them. But deadly prescription drugs are so safe, the FDA says, that even children should be able to walk into a Wal-Mart and buy unlimited bottles of statins and antidepressant drugs, completing the purchase through a self checkout lane that doesn't even require the oversight of a pharmacist.

It's an amazing world we live in, huh? Just remember: When you someday see prescription drugs being sold in vending machines, we predicted it first right here on NaturalNews.

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