Votagra for Electile Dysfunction

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It seems that Big Pharma has a pill for everything. Feeling sad? Afraid of public speaking? Distracted by too many projects? There's a pill for you!

So why not have a pill for electile dysfunction, too? If only getting elected were so easy. In the real world, getting elected is far more difficult than just swallowing a pill. It requires dedication, effort, and the systematic hacking of electronic voting machines. It's not a job for the easily disillusioned.

I created this comic after witnessing some of the outrageous negative ad campaigns being used in the 2006 mid-term U.S. elections. It's probably the worst mud slinging that has ever been brought into the election process in the history of our country. And it emphasizes one important fact that we should never forget: Political candidates are freaks! Anybody who actually desires to get paid a lousy income in order to represent a population that screams at you no matter what you do -- all while selling your soul to wealthy reelection campaign donors -- is only one watermelon short of a picnic basket.

As Winston Churchill famously said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all other forms of government. And he was right. Somehow, amazingly, we stumble through this election process every two years, picking the next round of so-called leaders who will screw us over once they get into power, too. Does the process work? Well, it certainly works for the two-party monopoly, but it leaves virtually no chance for meaningful reform by independent thinkers.

What every free society really needs is an honest voting system that would allow people to vote for the candidates they really want to support, without worrying about their vote being "wasted" due to today's two-party domination. Fortunately, such a system already exists, and it's being used in several countries around the world. It's called Instant-Runoff Voting and you can click here to read about it on Wikipedia.

In an instant-runoff vote, you don't just choose one candidate, you rank them by your order of preference, so you would indicate which candidate is your first choice, second choice, third choice, and so on. If your first choice candidate doesn't have enough votes to win, then your second choice kicks in, so you never risk "wasting" a vote by supporting the candidate you truly believe in.

It's the only voting system that really makes sense. That's why it will never happen in the United States: it would break the two-party monopoly and invite the election of real reformers who might shake up government and rock the boat. And meaningful reform, of course, can never be allowed to take place. Not when the current members of Congress have a lock on utterly corrupt campaign finance laws that keep most incumbents in office.

Maybe they all need to chill out and take some Votagra.

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