The Newborn Baby Fish

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Looking for a quick and easy way to pollute the environment and destroys huge populations of fish and ocean creatures? It's simple: Just take more pharmaceuticals and urinate!

Prescription drugs are now used in such large numbers that they have become an environmental hazard. When you take drugs, they aren't simply "used up" by the body; they pass through and get funneled into water treatment systems. The bad news is that water treatment facilities don't remove pharmaceuticals, so they get flushed downstream where they destroy aquatic ecosystems while contaminating the water supplies of farms and cities that happen to be downstream.

There's actually Prozac in the public water supply! (Perhaps municipal water companies will now be charged with practicing medicine without a license for distributing prescription drugs to citizens without a prescription...)

Huh? What environmental problem?

Drug companies try to pretend this problem doesn't exist, and the mainstream media has largely ignored it, too. Meanwhile, fish are being born with double sets of reproductive organs, and fish infertility rates are skyrocketing. The humans who eat those fish are, likewise, expressing unprecedented rates of hormone-related health disorders such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility and much more.

Those disease, in turn, get treated with yet more prescription drugs! Then those drugs are urinated back into the groundwater supply where the density of synthetic chemicals continues to increase. Sound insane? It is.

Today, the fish are mutants. Tomorrow, it will be the human population. The widespread abuse and marketing of pharmaceuticals is threatening the health of not just today's ecosytems, but the health of humans, too.

Pro pharma = anti-environment

You cannot be pro-environment while taking prescription drugs. Taking drugs while claiming to be in favor of environmental protection is like driving a Hummer while claiming to support renewable energy. Or drinking vodka while leading the local AA meeting. Consuming pharmaceuticals puts you directly in conflict with the philosophy of preserving the environment, protecting life, and ensuring the safety of our global water supplies.

If you're currently taking prescription drugs, I encourage you to carefully consider all this. The drugs you take today become the poisons of all creatures living downstream tomorrow (fish, animals, humans, etc.).

By eliminating prescription drugs and switching to natural, plant-based medicines, you can protect your health and protect the environment at the same time! When you pee away the waste products from eating rainforest herbs, the excess nutrients actually HELP living systems downstream. The more pure and natural the medicine you consume, the more pure and natural your urine and feces will be. And that's a big deal because if you combine all the urine and feces of all the consumers currently taking prescription drugs, you end up with a mountain of toxic waste that, quite frankly, wouldn't pass EPA regulations if it were produced by a factory.

It is this mountain of toxic feces, by the way, that gets recycled into biomass products that are spread on our crops as fertilizer. You heard me right: Human waste contaminated with Big Pharma's top-selling chemicals is being routinely spread on the crops you consume right now. (Yet another reason to buy organic...) And it's not just pharmaceuticals in the waste, it's also rocket fuel, PCBs, mercury from fillings, cancer chemicals from personal care products, flame retardant chemicals and much more.

Pharmaceuticals are not merely a health hazard, you see: they're also an environmental hazard. But will the EPA regulate them? Of course not. Big Pharma has too much influence over Washington. In fact, Big Pharma RUNS Washington. There's nothing that happens in the U.S. Capitol that isn't ultimately sanctioned by the wealthiest corporations in the world: drug companies.

The coming generation of mutants (and I don't mean the X-Men)

Future generations of human beings will be born as mutants, and they will live out their lives suffering from mutant disorders that were directly caused by toxic chemicals in their food, water and environment. Drug companies are accelerating this problem by expanding their marketing of these toxic chemicals, hoping to drug pets, infants, babies and senior citizens with as many chemicals as possible in order to maximize their own profits.

Almost nobody is considering the environmental ramifications of widespread pharmaceutical consumption. Think about all the vaccines, antibiotics, HRT drugs, psychotropic drugs and blood thinners made from rat poison -- all of which are being dumped into sewage treatment systems with absolutely no safety concerns. When you combine all these toxic substances and dump them into the global environment, what do you think is going to happen?

I'll tell you what: Massive mutations in living creatures. Babies born with two heads, six fingers and missing one testicle. Brain damage, tumors, and widespread mental retardation. A catastrophic decline in biodiversity and complex ecosystems. The honeybees are already collapsing in population for mysterious reasons that are undoubtedly due to exposure to synthetic chemicals, and that's just the first sign of things to come. Basically, we're looking at the future world described in the movie Idiocracy (click here to read my review of this must-see parody about the future of human civilization).

And as all this is happening, pharmaceutical companies don't give a crap. Crap, however, does contain pharmaceuticals, and in fact, the crap is better for the environment than the pharmaceuticals, which means that anyone who really gave a crap would stop crapping drugs into the environment.

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