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This is a new style of CounterThink humor based on animal photos I've taken. In this case, this bird just looked so frustrated that it seemed to me he forgot to take his meds.

Animals that display human-like expression can be quite hilarious. Watch for more of these animal-style CounterThink postcards in the future. We've got CounterThink postcards with geckos, javalinas and other animals on the way!

I took this picture in Captain Cook, Hawaii, by the way. This bird was hopping around the lava near the ocean at a place called City of Refuge. There's great snorkeling there, and lots of animals and aquatic life to observe. Getting to the bay, however, requires braving the bumper-to-bumper traffic snarled up in Kona-Kailua.

Kona is the major city on the dry side of the Big Island, and apparently the city leaders there have decided to wait for traffic to get as bad as possible before actually building any new roads. I don't know if it's a Hawaiian procrastination thing, or just the result of too many rich white people on medication, but it's frustrating nonetheless. If you're planning on visiting Hawaii and you don't want to spend half your vacation waiting in traffic, avoid the dry side of the Big Island.

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