Santa's Exercise Plan - Part 1

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This comic is part of the ongoing series documenting Santa's type-2 diabetes challenge. Previous comics are: Santa's Diabetes and Santa's Weight Limit.

In this latest comic, Santa has heeded his doctor's advice and begun his exercise program. But just like most of us, he's looking for shortcuts to exercise. In this case, he's so used to having reindeer do all the work pulling his sleigh across the sky that it only seems natural to hook up the same rig on the treadmill.

Of course, he gets busted by Mrs. Claus, who doesn't let Kris Kringle get away with the ploy.

When it comes to exercise, we're all a little like this, aren't we? We want the maximum results with the least amount of effort, and we sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we're exercising hard (or consistently) when, in reality, we're not. Sometimes we have to learn the same lesson that Santa is learning in this cartoon: that results require effort, and beating type-2 diabetes cannot be accomplished sitting in a chair (or couch, or sleigh) reading the newspaper or watching television.

The human body is designed to be exercised. If we want to be healthy, we must move our bodies on a regular basis, without excuses or shortcuts. It's one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves at Christmas time or any other time: the gift of health.

Stay tuned to for the continuation of Santa's exercise plan and health transformation!

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