Monsanto Unveils GMO Weapons Breakthrough

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Best Facebook User Submitted Lines:

- "We can just plant that all over Pakistan then; let's bring the drones back here!"

- "Right on, how much are you paying me this time?"

- "I promise I will label it after it kills 10,000 people... maybe."

- "It'll definitely go more than pop!"

"Are you pointing at corn?...I am so high right now."

- "Is it possible to be awarded TWO Nobel Peace Prizes?"

- "Thats a good start - now give me a nano-nuke in every kernel..."

- "Bill Gates is gonna love this."

- "As long as it isn't being used to make alternative fuel is definitely something I can get behind."

- "That will go perfectly with the radioactive radishes."

- "Awesome! Lets plant them all around the Monsanto Headquarters!!"

- "I don't know what to say because there's no prompter."

- "Now let's figure out how we can blame Bush for this."

- "That'll taste great mixed with the pink slime in school lunches!"

- "Holy crap you people are crazy."

- "Great! Now let's have a test run, plant them Monsanto's backyard - without any labels."

- "Say what you will. This stuff is THE BOMB!"

- "NOW thats what I call POP corn!!!"

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